About Us
My name is Violet Hignite, my family and I are located in Southern California. My Husband Jason and I have 4 children ages 4-20.
We were first introduced to the AKK purely by accident. Our Daughter Lauren wanted a puppy and in the atempt to find a Malamute we came across the AKK Breed. We contacted a few breeders and found one close enough to visit and when we met the AKK we were hooked!
(Funny how they do this to you)
We were not looking to get into the show biz or breeding but once we saw our Koda growing up and reaching the top we realized we had something very special in our hands. After having lengthy conversations with many in the AKK community and taking several years to familiarize ourselves with the breed we knew that with the AKK being such a new breed we owed it to the breeding program to keep producing the best and Koda has proven to be an elite dog. Therefore we have been very patient in finding him just the right female(s) and the time has come to produce the top of the line.
We are very excited for what is in store here at Klee Kai Magic.
I have had many people waiting for this very moment, and as our AKK continue to mature and prove themselves time and time again there is no doubt that we are in for some exciting times...stay tuned!!!